Should a Christian ever be bored, or apathetic towards life?

Think about it.

If we have a life-changing book, a life-changing message, and a life-changing mission… why do we so often pretend like we don’t have much of a life?  Even if you don’t like your job, what if you treated it like your personal mission field? Or if you feel like life hasn’t given you much, what if you treated your life like it was actually something to give away?

In most cases, I feel like our boredom or apathy is self-inflicted. If we’re not living with a purpose, it’s completely on us to change that. I can promise you the disciples were never bored. I can promise you the early Church members were never apathetic towards life.  They knew that life is short, and Christianity is supposed to be a life full of adventure.

We are “created in Christ Jesus to do good works” (Eph. 2:10).  So when we aren’t putting action to our faith, it’s like we’re wasting away on the inside. When something isn’t being used for what it was created to do, the rotting away begins.  In contrast to that, we are most alive when we’re using our gifts.

I believe every Christian should have their own ministry.  Some will have a pulpit, and others won’t. But each and every believer in Jesus Christ should have their own mission, and their own ministry to carry out.  What are your gifts? What are you passionate about?  Who needs to hear about Jesus?  What problems in the world today make you angry?  Answering these questions will give all of us a great start.

Maybe you feel like God is distant in your life. My best advice is to start serving more.  We’re never more like Jesus than when we are loving and serving other people. Maybe you feel your marriage is stagnant. Start serving together and see what happens.

Recently I was asked how to give advice to someone who is depressed. I had a similar answer. Put more action to your faith and start serving as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t pretend to have answers for something as serious as depression. But I truly believe involving yourself more in serving others would be a step in the right direction. Personally, I feel my life has more meaning, purpose, and value when I’m serving someone else rather than myself.

The world views success in different ways: Money, fame, popularity, power, etc. Success in the eyes of Jesus is all about serving others (Mark 10:43). Martin Luther King Jr. once said: “Anybody can be great, because anybody can serve.” So, go be great! Life is too short to remain apathetic. Jesus is too incredible to remain bored with the mission. Be the church. Be His hands and feet. There is no such thing as an “unsent” Christian. When in doubt, serve.


“Every Christian is either a missionary or an impostor.” -Charles Spurgeon

“You don’t want to leave a legacy of ‘he played it safe, he survived, he made it through'”. -Francis Chan

“Even if our own troubles are great, we should still serve. Jesus washed His disciples feet on the way to the cross.” -Tim Keller